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Anxiety and Depression Medication

Anxiety and Depression Medications are generally safe and effective and are often used in conjunction with therapy. Medication may be a short-term or long-term treatment option, depending on severity of symptoms, other medical conditions, and other individual circumstances. However, it often takes time and patience to find the drug that works best for you.

When you’re overwhelmed by heart-pounding panic, paralyzed by fear, or exhausted from yet another sleepless night spent worrying, you’ll do just about anything to get relief. We have available some anxiety and depression medications like Benzodiazepines , Beta Blockers and Tricyclic Antidepressants medications for the treatment of anxiety , depression ,panic attacks , phobias, PSTD and OCD.

Discussing Anxiety and Depression Medications : What You Need to Know

Use these guidelines to talk to your health care professional about anxiety and depression medications :

To avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions, let your mental health care provider know all anxiety and depression medications you are taking, including prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs, herbal or dietary supplements, and vitamins. And make sure your family doctor knows you are taking medications for an anxiety disorder.
Ask these questions about a new prescription: How will the anxiety and depression medications help me? What side effects might occur? Should I avoid any foods or beverages? Are drug interactions with other prescriptions a possibility?
Learn when to take a new medication and how, such as on any empty stomach or with food, in the morning or evening, and how frequently.
Find out how long it should take for the medication to start working and what you should expect when this happens.
Ask for the prescribing physician’s after-hours phone number in case you develop side effects.
A good source of information about medications and over-the-counter products is your pharmacist, who should have information about all your prescriptions to advise you about possible drug interactions, side effects, and instructions for use.
Ask how often you should see the doctor for a medication check-up.
If your physician does not want to spend the time to answer your questions, you may need a referral to a different physician.

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